Get Yer Phishing Rods Out!

So, I was reading up on the latest email clients, and I stumbled upon one that claimed to protect against "Phishing". Puzzled, I did quick Wikipedia search on it, which came back with some rather disturbing results (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phishing). Watch out, AOL users!

And I saw this on this week's "BBC quotes of the week":

"She's in for a treat tonight!"
Golf commentator Peter Alliss upon spotting Woods' wife, Elin, as Tiger prepared to seal his Open victory at Hoylake

What the hell's that supposed to mean?


Blogger Nigel St.John Regina Smegmatica Howle-Raines said...

There'll be a tiger in her tank before the night is through...

Alternatively--she'll get wood when he gets wood.

Or something similar.

Or maybe not at all. You know how these bloody TV presenters are.

Good blog, btw.

8:09 PM  
Blogger weirdadmin said...


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