I'm posting to inform you (that is, assuming anyone even reads this blog) that I have lost interest in this. Yeah, you heard me correctly, this will be my last post. The content of my posts is often rubbish, and sadly there is hardly an audience to boo me off stage; so I'll boo myself off stage, thank you very much.

I'll keep the site open for a few weeks, just in case anyone wants to reciprocate my farewell.


Blogger f.b.i.t.c. said...

Don't go - and this isn't just a selfish but you link me request, it's a shame when someone falls off the radar as it were.

If you're not enjoying it though . . . .

Maybe you just need to get a bit more twisted and whore youself on other blogs to get more traffic, then again, I blog to vent my spleen and not for everyone elses edification.

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy it.


4:45 AM  

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