Nerd/Geek Tests

I found a link to these tests somewhere...I can't remember, but anyway, they are tests to see if you are a geek/nerd. I scored 6% on the geek test, and 5% on the nerd test.

Geek Test

For the nerd test, click on the image in my sidebar.*

*This image will be forever embedded in my sidebar, but there is one statement on it that I'm not particularily keen on, the statement that I despise nerds; let me make an official statement that this is not the case, I don't despise them.


Blogger f.b.i.t.c. said...

Nerd scored 64 (so I know a lot of dull shit)
And a 'Major Geek' (I refer you to my previous answer)

5:21 AM  

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